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The importance of using good quality functional fitness equipment.

Published on: Sep 16th, 2019 In: Commercial Fitness Equipment
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Whether your goal is to improve strength, sculpt and tone or simply to lose weight, you need to figure out if functional fitness is ideal for your physical and mental wellbeing. The term refers to exercises that train your muscles for optimal performance when executing daily tasks. Such workouts test your balance and coordination while enhancing strength, cardio fitness and flexibility.

Functional fitness exercises are preferred by most health and fitness enthusiasts because they train your muscles to work with greater coordination. The fact that you’re able to exercise different muscles - both the upper and lower body - means you’re able to exercise the core body muscles as well.

Examples of functional fitness training exercises

Functional fitness workout routines include squats, bench press, dumbbell exercises, kettlebell swings, gym rings, lunges, plyometric jumps and several other all-body weight exercises. Most people now prefer these types of exercises because they burn fat, increase endurance and are mentally challenging. Your motivation for trying these types of workouts is to ensure you have a regimen which focuses on various combinations of resistance and flexibility training. A huge advantage of trying Crossfit®  or other functional fitness based training is the simple convenience you’re able to have – allowing you to workout either in the comfort of your own home or at the gym. A simple pull up is a good example of functional strength training.

Are your facilities fitted with safe, reliable equipment?

Functional training facilities should be equipped with the most innovative and safest training equipment possible to deliver exceptional functional strength training to equipment users. Functional fitness includes a range of total-body activities that build strength, balance and coordination for general fitness, and improve one’s ability to perform well at all fitness levels. For the equipment used for such activities to be effective, there needs to be an adherence to impeccable engineering standards. We have made a commitment to quality assurance to ensure only the best equipment is supplied to the market.

Finding a trustworthy supplier with a track-record of delivering great products at affordable prices can be a huge challenge for commercial buyers and gym owners alike. Procuring equipment that will endure the wear and tear and test of time while enabling high-performance consistently is a priority for gym owners and health & fitness center service providers.

By working closely with experienced trainers and elite coaches, Commercial Fitness Equipment has become a leader in product design and innovation. Understanding and catering to the needs of customers is our greatest strength. We supply premium quality functional fitness accessories and equipment to the wider Australian market and even overseas.

Since the nature of Crossfit® and functional training as well as general strength and fitness exercises are physically demanding, having reliable, well-engineered equipment is critical to achieving success and preventing injury. Many gyms and health facilities now offer functional fitness classes or at least incorporate functional fitness into their programs or boot camps. 

Whether you’re purchasing equipment for home use or for an establishment, your health and reputation depend on the quality of the tools you buy. Equipment such as barbells, weight plates, bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, plyometric boxes, gymnastics rings, chin-up bars, dip handles, and battling ropes are often used in functional fitness workouts.

Many of the best functional fitness equipment types have been evolving and getting more refined over time. One could speculate that the utility and demand for high-quality commercial fitness equipment used today has its roots back to the early days of the physical fitness boom.



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